Play Ball – Smithco’s Infield Groomers Are Built Tough for Your Field

Infield groomers play a vital role in the maintenance of athletic fields. These specialized tools efficiently level and smooth the infield surfaces, ensuring optimal playing conditions. By removing debris, compacting the soil, and preventing uneven surfaces, infield groomers contribute to player safety, enhanced performance, and the longevity of the field, making them an indispensable asset for any sports facility.

Smithco may be a legend in the golf industry, but their line of infield groomers is also built for athletic fields of any shape or size. With every infield groomer, you can expect superior construction and better results thanks to Smithco’s tough, built-to-last materials that ensure industry-leading longevity. Everyone from players, field managers and fans alike will appreciate the attention to detail Smithco’s high-quality infield groomers deliver. 

But which Smithco groomer is right for you? No matter which one you choose, the Sand Star lineup will make your job easier and your field better.

Sand Star CVT

Smithco’s newest addition to its infield groomer lineup is the Sand Star CVT, featuring an industrial-grade 10 hp Vanguard motor powering a robust Dana transaxle with Comet CVT clutches. Built to last with productivity and efficiency in mind, the Sand Star CVT is a cost-effective solution to get the job done. Simple to operate, with 25 accessories and industrial-grade implements, this Sand Star moves effortlessly while you groom with ease.

Dual-Pedal Traction

The Sand Star CVT’s dual traction pedal gives the operator the ability to smoothly transition from forward to reverse – making for hands-free operation, allowing the operator to focus on steering and plowing.

Better Fuel Economy

The Sand Star CVT operates at max acceleration with optimized fuel efficiency – meaning you can do more with less waste.

Benefits: Cost-Effective, Smooth Operation

Sand Star E

The Sand Star E, equipped with a lithium battery pack, offers the quietest and most eco-friendly groomer on the market. Designed with the same industrial-grade materials as other Smithco groomers, the Sand Star E will last inning after inning with reliable, powerful performance. 

Battery Power

The Sand Star E incorporates the Roy-PowTM 160 amp lithium battery pack, with an onboard battery management system supported by a five-year non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty. One battery charge lasts 8 hours, meaning you can get the job done time and time again with less waste. 

Onboard Diagnostics

The Sand Star E’s onboard diagnostic system lets you quickly and easily identify solutions in various subsystems – saving you time and money.

Benefits: Quiet, Eco-friendly, Low-Cost Operation

Sand Star Hydraulic Series

Smithco also has four other models available in two or three-wheel drive and an infield groomer with a diesel option, as well. All Sand Star models are designed with comfort in mind. Both center and rear implements, as well as plows, key switches and other controls, are located conveniently in the operator position. Not only is the operator seat and controls ergonomically designed for safety and comfort, but it also increases productivity.

Benefits: Operator comfort, choice of engines

The Sand Star lineup of infield groomers from Smithco is a sure crowd-pleaser. Win over the oohs and aahs with any MVP from our roster. Check them all out at