Say What? The Benefits of Good Communication 

In the ever changing marketplace with higher manufacturing demands and longer lead times it’s important to have proper communication between you, the end user, and your trusted dealer. Without consistent communication and clear expectations, customer service on both sides can fall through the cracks and sales can fall right along with it. Knowing what is happening at the OEM level and the dealer level is also critical in internal customer service with your staff, patrons and key stakeholders.

There are a number of ways to help your local dealers meet your expectations as the industry changes in many ways and very fast. 

A direct line of open and honest communication is the best way to  achieve your desired goals and needs for your organization. If your sales rep has all the proper information – the good, the bad and the ugly – they will be better informed and have the ability to better service you with the proper solution to your needs. Keep in mind, this is a two way street. Making the assumption that everyone is on the same page is a mistake on both parties’ behalf. Here are a few ideas to help ensure everyone is on the same page. 

  1. Take the time to form a professional business relationship with all of your sales reps. There isn’t anything they haven’t heard – seriously! Use them to help generate ideas, be a sounding board and most importantly, help you and your organization succeed in your business goals. 
  2. Create an open line of communication. By forming a trusted relationship with all of your sales reps, you have a much-needed partner when you need them the most. Again – your dealer is there to help you. 
  3. Make a list of all your expectations and needs. Asking the right questions and giving the proper information most likely ensures you will have a good experience and the desired end result. Nobody knows your organization like you do so make sure you over communicate information you think your sales rep may need in order to help make more informed decisions. 

With these points in mind you can expect the following from your dealer:

  1. Responsiveness – a timely response to your enquiry/issue
  2. Attentiveness – actively listen to your request without pre-judgement
  3. Empathy – ensure that the enquiry/issue is clearly understood and will be be resolved
  4. Take ownership – ensure that you have a central point of contact and keep you updated 
  5. Satisfaction – make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome

The key takeaway here? Your local dealer is really here to help you and even with those higher manufacturing demands and longer lead times that were mentioned earlier, they are your partner to help your organization achieve its goals. We all need one another in some shape or form and taking the time to work together helps build a stronger professional working bond that will help make everyone successful in their field of expertise.