How the Sand Star E Electric Bunker Rake Helps You Go Green

Turf management is not immune to the growing concern for the environment, and the industry is trying to find more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to operate their establishments.

Our Sand Star E electric bunker rake is one of these modern solutions to help you reduce your carbon footprint while also saving on fuel costs. How does this shift to e-powered equipment help you go green? Keep reading to learn more! 

The Importance of E-Powered Vehicles Today

In the past, the turf management industry was reliant on gas or diesel-powered bunker rakes. These dependable vehicles kept golf courses, sports fields, and other green spaces clean and tidy. This convenience had a detriment; bunker rakes have been known for their fuel inefficiency compared to other types of vehicles. They — along with other turf maintenance equipment — became contributors to local air pollution. To combat this, companies must adopt greener alternatives. One of these is using electric-powered vehicles and electric bunker rakes like the Sand Star E. These have been equipped with additional features that make the shift a worthwhile — and even cost-saving — investment. 

Electric Bunker Rakes

Electric bunker rakes like our Sand Star E are proof that the turf management industry can do its part in reducing greenhouse gases. They’ve become indispensable equipment in the industry thanks to the following benefits. 

Sand Star E bunker rake in use on a sand trap

Reduced Carbon Footprint

As mentioned, gasoline or diesel-powered bunker rakes emit pollutants into the air. This pollution affects the local air quality, while the exhaust increases the carbon footprint. An electric bunker rate essentially eliminates all this thanks to zero pipeline emissions. Simply plug them in to refuel. If your electricity is from a sustainable source, then your carbon footprint is essentially zero.

Saves on Fuel Expenses

Gas and diesel-powered bunker rakes will need regular refueling. In a short time, these costs can quickly add up. It’s typical for golf courses to allocate a major chunk of their budget to fuel for their equipment, but electric bunker rakes can help reduce this disadvantage.. In fact, our numbers have shown that you can reduce your energy and maintenance costs by more than 80% each year. 

Lesser-known sources of saving include aspects like engine maintenance and oil changes. These aren’t concerns with electric bunker rakes, as they essentially eliminate these expenses. You’ll only need to recharge a lithium battery, the power source for e-bunker rakes like the Sand Star E.

Final Thoughts 

Electric bunker rakes are vital pieces of equipment as turf management companies and golf courses  begin their transition to more sustainable practices. With vehicles like the Sand Star E, you can take one step closer to a lower carbon footprint and lower expenses. To learn more about this product, contact us today.