Spray Star 2000 Spray Vehicle

Spray Star 2000 Spray Vehicle

SMITHCO Pulse Width Modulation Advanced Rate Control/Nozzle system with choice of either:

  • Automatic Field Computer Spray Control System (Star Command 1-a)
  • Automatic Matrix GPS Guided Field Spray Controller (Star Command II-a)

SPRAY STAR 2000 with STAR COMMAND II-A SYSTEM & 18.5 Foot (5.5m) Spray Boom (Gasoline engine power)

  • Advanced precision TeeJet Matrix GPS Satellite guided Field Computer. Terra Star Antenna for use with GS, WAAS & Glonass Satellites. Provides Sub-2 in (5 cm) position control and permanently retained mapping. Smithco/TeeJet DynaJet Pulse Width Modulation. Pressure & droplet size control. Wide ground speed range. Purpose-built 18 ft (5.5 meter) Spray Boom. Dual Nozzle-Dual Solenoid Valve System.

SPRAY STAR 2000 with STAR COMMAND I-A SYSTEM & 20 Foot (6 m) Spray Boom (Gasoline engine power)

  • Advanced Rate Control Field Computer (TeeJet Radion 8140) with DynaJet Pulse Width Modulation System. Presssure and droplet size control. Wide range of ground speed. Purpose-built spray boom with dual nozzles and dual solenoid valves.

SPRAY STAR 2000 with STAR COMMAND I SYSTEM & 18.5 Foot (5.5m) Spray Boom (Gasoline engine power)

  • Same extreme application ability as Model 2007 G/D (Above) except 20 ft./6m Spray Boom.


No one matches our 9 years of experience developing the most precise application available for spraying chemicals on turf. With our Partner, TeeJet® Technologies, the Star Command System features all of TeeJet’s® previous benefits available on every Star Command sprayer, as well as these exclusive new features:

TURN COMPENSATION corrects flow to keep application rates on target through turns as tight as 20 feet. It lets you avoid straight- line applications on contoured area or rates varying as much as 50% from the inside to the outside of a boom. That doubles the application rate on the inside and cuts the outside rate in half.

TEN INCH NOZZLE SPACING to cut off-target applications in half. This spacing also allows for more efficacy because of increased overlap of the spray patterns.

VIRTUAL, ON-SCREEN NOZZLE CONTROL. TeeJet’s® new job computers operate up to 100 nozzle sections that can be controlled individually. This eliminates the need for extra cabling and job-stopping failure of mechanical switches.

THE DYNAJET SYSTEM is also incorporated into the Matrix 908 controller, eliminating extra cabling and separate controller.

TERRASTAR-C PRO significantly reduces Convergence Time, to as little as 90 seconds or less.

Spray Star 2000 Spray Vehicle Specifications

Spray Star 2000 Spray Vehicle Specifications

TypeVanguard V-twin air cooled
Displacement54.68 cu.in.
Rated Horsepower35 hp
Air CleanerDouble Action air intake filtration Engine mounted cyclonic filtration system
CoolingAir Cooled
LubricationFull Pressurized
Oil FilterFull Flow, Spin on type
Electrical System24 amp, with 12V 900 CCA battery, fuse protected
Fuel Capacity10 gallons
Traction SystemHydraulic power to two rear wheel drive
Hydraulic System5 gallons
Hydraulic CoolingFull flow filter with oil
Tires, Brakes and Steering
TiresFront: 22-10.00×10 Turf, Rear: 24-13.00×12 Multi trac
Service BrakesDynamic braking through hydrostatic transmission
Parking BrakeAuto spring pressure release park brake Manual engagement to both rear wheels
SteeringHydraulic Power Steering with orbitrol motor, 15” steering wheel with tilt adjustment
Transport0-12 mph
Capacity200 gallons
ConstructionFiber reinforced polystyrene with UV inhibitors. 16” hinged lid with built-in locking device and nylon strainer basket
FiltrationDownstream filtration 50 or 80 mesh strainer
AgitationAgitator with 4 venturi volume boosters
PumpRocker switch operated. Stainless high-volume centrifugal with silicon carbide seals. 10-70 gpm. 10-60 psi (0-7.4 bar).
Application Rates20-220 gallons per acre 0.5-5 gallons per 1000 sq.ft.
Production Rate6.4 acres/hour @ 3.5 mph
WeightDry – 1990 lbs | Loaded – 3605 lbs
Leaf spring front suspension
Passenger seat
“Spray Boss“ mechanical ground speed system & cruise control
Choice of electric or computer spray control system
Certified ROPs with seat belts
18.5’ or 20’ Super Boom
2002 TeeJet® Radion 8140 w/ GPS speed sensor
2004 Electric Spray Control System
2005 Star Command II Teejet® Matrix GPS Satellite System with 18.5’ boom
2006 Star Command II Teejet® Matrix GPS Satellite System with 20’ boom
2007 Star Command I TeeJet® Radion 8140 and Dynajet System with 20’ boom
2008 Star Command I TeeJet® Radion 8140 and Dynajet System with 18.5’ boom
Water Fill Meter Kit – gallons or liters
Foam Marker – electric operation, manual control
Manual hose Reel – 200’
Electric Hose Reel – 200’
26 Gallon Wash Tank System
Fresh Water Wash Tank
Foam Marker
Chemical Cleanload Safe fill System
Tank Rinse System
All Weather Hard Top Canopy
Sun Shade Canopy
Spray Star 3180 Cab (dealer installed)
3/4” or 5/8” Pressure Hose Kits in 50’, 100’ or 200’ lengths
Pistol Grip JD9 Spray Gun
Sonar Boom Kit – automatic boom height adjustment system
Rogers Cover Spray Boom
Drift Reduction Boom Shield